West Nile, the mosquito virus kills again: other elderly people died between Ferrara and the Veneto


West Nile, the mosquito virus kills again: other elderly people died between Ferrara and the Veneto
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The West Nile provoked another died in Italy. It is an 88-year-old resident of Copparo in Ferraradisappeared in the hospital of Cona «For a severe form of encephalitis which, as confirmed by laboratory investigations, is attributable to the West Nile virus ». This was communicated by the University Hospital of Ferrara, underlining that “the confirmed case was communicated to the Ausl which promptly activated the epidemiological investigation”.

Two suspicious deaths in the Treviso area

To this are added two other suspected deaths from West Nile virus in the Treviso area. The Venetian Ulss 2 is in fact “awaiting confirmation in relation to three probable cases” of infection “in its own territory”. Of these, a 72-year-old from Cessalto “has already been discharged from the hospital and is in good health conditions”. But investigations are underway on two other elderly people who instead lost their lives. The first case, informs the Ulss Marca Trevigiana, “dates back to 15 July when the Hygiene and Public Health Service» Sisp «of the Prevention Department received notification of a probable case of arbovirosis from West Nile in the Municipality of Ponzano Veneto. A 73-year-old with significant comorbidities died from neuroinvasive disease. Confirmation tests were sent to Padua.

Also on 15 July a second suspected case was communicated “, relating to the 72-year-old from Cessalto who was discharged, while” on 16 July the Sisp received a third report, relating to the death of an 87-year-old resident in Salgareda, also with concomitant pathologies “. “In order to ensure adequate preventive measures for citizens, pending laboratory confirmation of cases with targeted tests”, the Sisp gave “immediate communication of probable cases to the interested mayors, recalling all the useful measures to be adopted, both to private individuals than to the Municipalities “.

A confirmed victim in the Padua area

The virus West Nile had made a new victim in yesterday Venetoin the province of Padua. Last night, at the Schiavonia hospital, a 77-year-old resident of the province died, suffering from multiple pathologies, hospitalized with a picture of West Nile encephalitis. Currently, the picture of encephalitis includes the patient who died last week in Piove di Sacco (Padua), one hospitalized in Piove di Sacco in intensive care, confirmed positive at West Nile, a third patient hospitalized in Schiavonia, improving, a fourth in the Hospital in Padua. The monitoring activity highlighted the presence of two asymptomatic blood donors, positive for West Nile. The Department of Prevention, with the veterinary part, registers two horses infected by the virus with neurological syndromes.


The patient from the province of Vercelli on whom one of the two cases of positivity to the West Nile virus communicated this morning by the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d is hospitalized in the Infectious Diseases department of the Sant’Andrea hospital. ‘Aosta. The second case notified yesterday in Piedmont was found in the province of Novara. From the ASL of Vercelli they underline that the patient from Vercelli is close to being discharged.

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