What are the best smartphones under 400 euros. A guide and some advice


What are the best smartphones under 400 euros.  A guide and some advice
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There is a range of users, the largest ever, which does not look at the best of the best available on the square. And when you have to buy a smartphone, you definitely focus on one factor: the value for money. Mid-range products, for years now at the top of the rankings in the sales rankings (even if the second quarter recorded a generalized shift towards low cost products), respond precisely to the wishes of those who on the one hand are looking for a reliable device with functionality “Premium” and on the other hand is careful not to spend the thousand euros necessary to grab the latest model of iPhone or Samsung or the most precious ones of Chinese vendors.

And it is precisely in the category of mobile phones with prices between 300 and 600 euros that you can find the best compromise between convenience (perhaps taking advantage of promotions such as the latest Amazon Prime for models on the market for a few months), functionality and features techniques. In this article we deal with the models under 400 euros but the basic reasoning does not change much: these smartphones must not lack anything or almost, that is, they must have the requirements to accommodate the app and operating system updates that will gradually become available in the course of their life cycle and be compatible with 5G networks but they can also do without top-of-the-range virtues such as total waterproofing, wireless charging or a photographic sector worthy of a professional camera. In their luggage it is therefore good that there is a component (processor, interface, battery) that can distinguish it from the others, in an identifying way.

How to select the smartphone that meets these prerogatives? The answer is somewhat always the same when it comes to a technological gadget: it depends on personal needs. You can prefer the quality of the camera if you are “social addicted” rather than that of the display in the case of video and gaming enthusiasts. If you want to define a grid of features to look at before purchasing, you cannot miss the width and resolution of the display (better not to go under 5.7 inches in Full Hd resolution, if with Amoled technology all the better in terms of consumption. ), the degree of expandability of the internal memory for data storage, the battery life (be careful not to be fooled only by the number of mAh declared in the specification) and the performance of the processor and Ram memory (4 Gbytes are already a very good starting point), on which the ability to run the most advanced applications and to manage multi-tasking depends. The camera package is among those that most direct the choice of a mid-range smartphone, and not only for the sensor capabilities expressed in megapixels. If there are already several models that sport three cameras on the rear, many models are satisfied with telephoto and wide-angle lenses with different variations to the theme in terms of optical zoom, bokeh effect and features driven by artificial intelligence. A note regarding the operating system, taking for granted the fact that under the price range considered, Apple’s phones are excluded by definition: if Android is the base platform for almost all mid-range smartphones, each manufacturer customizes the phone with its own interface and its own set of apps. It is therefore up to the user to identify the one that best meets their expectations, perhaps paying attention to the models (read Huawei) without the galaxy of Google services. Finally, as for the brand, the catalog of models from which you can draw is very vast precisely because the mid-range is the most popular segment of practically all manufacturers, from Samsung to Xiaomi, from OnePlus to Realme, from Oppo to Motorola, without forgetting the various Honor, Vivo or Huawei itself. The advancement of technology in recent years gives us the opportunity to buy today, for around 400 euros or less, a smartphone that two or three years ago could have been considered a high-end model. In short, a question of opportunity and value for money.

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