What happens to those who put broccoli in the fridge? Here is the incredible answer


What happens to those who put broccoli in the fridge?  Here is the incredible answer
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What happens to those who put broccoli in the fridge? If broccoli is placed in the fridge without any precautions, it immediately loses its freshness and beneficial properties. First of all, broccoli should not be placed in a very cold area of ​​the fridge because too much humidity ruins its beneficial qualities. In particular, broccoli should not be stored on the lowest shelf, immediately above the vegetable drawer, because there are about 2 °C in this area. To have fresh broccoli for 3-5 days, always dry it before putting it in the fridge. We recommend placing the head stem-side down in a bowl of water with the bush sticking out but not getting wet.

Why do broccoli flowers turn yellow? Broccoli flowers turn yellow when they deteriorate. In some cases you may even notice patches of mold. Fresh broccoli has dark green flowers. Bad broccoli can be recognized not only by the color of their flowers but also by the mold and rotten smell they give off. Be careful because they also become mushy and above all very chewy. Grandma’s trick to always have fresh broccoli is not to wash them before storing them. It is precisely the humidity that quickly makes broccoli moldy which thus ends up immediately losing their many and good healthy properties.

What are the benefits of broccoli? They possess glucoraphanins which improve our detoxification ability. Fresh broccoli helps our lungs, reduce bad cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks. Broccoli is high in fiber and low in calories. This is why they are perfect in preventing diabetes and keeping blood sugar under control. They also possess sulforaphane which appears to be able to repair the damage caused by hyperglycemia to the cardiovascular system. Broccoli improves digestion and prevents some types of cancer. In particular, they prevent lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, pancreatic and even gastric cancer.

How to recognize quality broccoli? Eating fresh, quality broccoli is important if you want to get all of its benefits. First of all, you need to buy broccoli that comes from organic farming. Otherwise, there is a risk of also taking pesticides since broccoli is a vegetable on which various chemical treatments are carried out. On the supermarket stalls, broccoli is always tempting. You always have to look at their little flowers. I always have to be dark green. If only a few of them are yellow, it means that those broccoli are no longer fresh because they have been harvested for several days.

Should you buy green or purple broccoli? Broccoli that has purple flowers has a sweet, tasty and very tender taste. In reality, their appearance, compared to the green ones, is a little more wild and messy. These purple inflorescences grow on tender green colored stems full of small leaves. Not everyone knows that purple vegetables contain anthocyanins. These substances are powerful antioxidants that neutralize the oxidant molecules produced by cellular metabolism. They therefore protect the cells but also the tissues of our body. In general it can be said that the greater the purple color of broccoli, the more they contain these substances.

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