What is Amazon Vine? The last gem for the benefit of each user


What is Amazon Vine?  The last gem for the benefit of each user
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Perhaps no one has ever heard of Amazon Vine, an option that no one, once discovered, will be able to do without.

The e-commerce giant has never warned its users of such an advantageous service. Yet, it exists and for quite some time too!

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Amazon is one of the most famous brands in the world, a kind of trusted store where you can find anything. Let’s say you’re looking for a specific item and can’t find it in any physical store. Well, Amazon will surely have it among its many offers. As convenient as it may be, since it allows us to shop from the comfort of home, on the other hand it is not always advantageous. Sometimes, in fact, it is possible to find a product on the site at a price that is too high compared to the average.

Not to mention the shipping costs. In fact, there are products that are compatible with free shipping, and others that are not. Therefore, to avoid chasing more money out of your pocket, you must arm yourself with patience and time to save at least on transport. Sure, some might think of Amazon Primebut not all products are compatible with the same and among other things has an annual cost.

In short, Amazon always seems to want to shell out a little more money from users, but with Amazon Vine something could change. Still speaking of the e-commerce giant, this has turned into a babysitter thanks to the particular and curious “Create with Alexa” function. Let’s abandon the famous brand for a second and talk about an app that allows you to earn if you walk a lot: WeWard. Closed parenthesis, let’s find out more closely what this Amazon Vine is.

Amazon Vine, the trump card to save on shipping

In practice, we can say that there is an almost secret place where Amazon can send us the products purchased from it, completely free of charge. We were not wrong to call it a secret place since it is a program to which it can only be accessed through an invitation that comes directly from Amazon itself. In particular, the recipients of a possible opportunity are those users who continuously review each product they buy.

The review, however, must not be in favor of the e-commerce giant, but impartial and honest. In this way, in fact, you will be able to better advise other consumers. When you receive this phantom invitation, you can sign up for the program. And it is always through Amazon Vine that these users, called Voiceswill have the opportunity to order their products.

Of course, to ensure you never end up paying for shipping, it’s important to keep posting your reviews. These will be disclosed together with the reviews of other users who, perhaps, are not to be defined Rumors. Finally, it should be specified that the Voices will be able to order these products from a specific list, tailor-made by Amazon Vine for them.

A little help in the reviews

After reading what this Amazon Vine option has to offer, it is good to dive into what has been said before. Amazon particularly cares about one word above all when reviewing: the transparency of the customer. This means that not only the same must write a detailed comment in every detail, but also a negative one if the product was not to his liking.

Sure, some might say that this could be the downfall of e-commerce itself, but it’s not. In this way, in fact, it does not mean that people will no longer buy on Amazon, but that they will do it even more because they will trust the words of normal people like them. In a certain sense, therefore, it is as if Amazon were investing in these Voices to bring turnover to an ever higher level.

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