What is the right refrigerator temperature? Not only health but also less expensive bills


What is the right refrigerator temperature?  Not only health but also less expensive bills
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Is there the right refrigerator temperature? The answer is yes, and setting it correctly is good for your health and wallet.

Even if you have a refrigerator in the house it is practically discountedwe don’t always know how manage it better. There are two fundamental aspects: the correct storage of foods and the savings on your bill.

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They obviously exist myriads of refrigerator models, suitable for all needs, including design. For sure newer models offer better performance and above all one more efficient energy management which is needed to feed them. The old refrigerators consume more, simply because the mechanisms conceived were different, and (perhaps) did not take into account theimpact on bills. A factor that has unfortunately become indispensable today.

We all know how much a month of electricity costs us today. And it is certainly not the “fault” of the fact that we have more devices indoors, although some are famously “Energy eaters”. See washer, dryer, air fryer and even kettle, just to list a few.

We can though learn how to better manage our appliances, and in doing so we obtain two advantages. One concerns the health and the other the energy costs. In this article we delve into the correct use of the refrigerator.

What is the right refrigerator temperature? How to ensure health and savings

The refrigerator works very well simple. Maintains constant a certain temperature inside, for allow optimal food preservation inside. The more the outside temperature risesHowever, the greater the use of energy on the part of the refrigerator, which “makes an effort” to restore the internal one. This is one of the reasons why in summer it consumes more.

Among the many indications to follow for one performance optimization of our refrigerator there is also the positioning. It shouldn’t be near the radiators, or even in a corner of the kitchen where there is no air exchange. It doesn’t even have to be completely leaned against the wallprecisely because heat is formed on the back, heat that must be dispersed as much as possible to avoid a super work to the refrigerator.

There internal temperature it is also “threatened” when we put it inside the refrigerator hot or lukewarm cooked foods. This action is highly discouraged for two reasons. First of all why it will take more energy to bring the temperature back to the set value. Then because a hot food gives off steamy and humidtwo things they can do in the refrigerator proliferate bacteria.

Today there are i frost-free refrigerators, which are undoubtedly an ideal choice. Inside them do not form the “droplets” of water and the continuous ventilation protects from bacteria. Furthermore, i foodsdue to the absence of damp, they keep much longer and this also translates into savings. Because we will throw away fewer leftovers.

Indeed we may be inclined to think that the colder it is in the refrigerator, the longer the food will last. Nothing more wrong. To properly store all types of food, just set the thermostat to 5-7 degrees. Of course, we can follow the instructions given on each appliance, so as not to go wrong. And the next bill it will certainly be more light.

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