What stresses you the most in your life? Look at the picture and find out


What stresses you the most in your life?  Look at the picture and find out
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Our lives are stressful and stress is an enemy of our psychophysical health. Find out how to reduce this state.

Forest, river or library? What you have seen earlier reveals your main cause of stress

Do you feel frustrated, unfocused and fatigued? You are most likely stressed out. Stress is a killer of our psychophysical health, which is why we should do everything possible to combat it. First of all you should understand what are the triggers of stress in your life to eliminate them. To do this, just look at this image and say what caught your attention.

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1 – If you noticed the Bosco first

If you have noticed the dense vegetation it means that the main cause of stress in your life is the routine.

Your life is always the same and not particularly exciting, also thanks to the type of work you do, your days leave you with the impression of being all the same. You are an emotional person and you let yourself be influenced by the mood of others. You always say what you think even if your thought hurts the listener. You are an honest person as well as sincere. You want to feel free more than anything else and can’t stand having to submit to schedules and orders.

If you want to reduce your stress you should try to do what you want, when you want. Obviously, this condition cannot always be realized, the partner or your manager at work may not react well in the face of such behavior, which is why you give up to a repetitive life and end up feeling frustrated. Do you want to live indulging your deepest passions? Find a way to do it. Do you only have one day off a week? Well use it to do what you want, something extreme and unusual, it will charge you with positive energy.

2- If you’ve noticed the expanse of water it means that the main cause of stress is continuous repression of your feelings.

You are a person who thrives on complex feelings and emotions. Usually you don’t hide what you feel but you share it. Your moods of the moment are obvious, the problem arises when you are unable to express your feelings. Repressed feelings are the hardest to manage. When you feel that emotional block you should make an effort to talk about this weight compressing your chest. Find ways to let off steam, write a journal, blog, or talk to a trusted person. Make an effort to expose and bring out everything you feel and you will feel your soul return to flow freely in your body.

3- If you have seen the books before it means the root cause of stress is uncertainty about your future.

You are a bright, intelligent and positive person yet you have had to settle for a loose job that creates tension and concern for your future. You would like to be able to count on greater certainty about the future, especially at the working level, so that you can allow yourself to make choices that you would not want to regret. A house, a family, maybe children. This uncertainty makes you give up many things. Try to think that now this professional uncertainty is gripping everyone and that it is worthwhile to put this type of anxiety aside by trying to move forward in life without being influenced by it. Practice meditation, break with a vacation, you will see that the horizon will seem more serene.

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