What you can do concretely for a person suffering from depression: it is not so obvious


What you can do concretely for a person suffering from depression: it is not so obvious
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How to help a person suffering from depression? What to do in concrete? The answer is not as simple as you think

We define the depression as a ‘disorder’ that tends to gradually or radically change a person making him gloomy, sad and with a sense of emptiness that accompanies him on a daily basis, causing him to change his way of being and his lifestyle.

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To trigger depression can be several factors that cause the person to close more and more and not to have that input to react to take back his life. There are people who become aware of their state and try at all costs to recover, others who instead end up in a chasm from which they think it is difficult to get out.

Recognizing the signs of depression is essential, not only for the person himself but also for those around him, so that you can help him. If the goal is to help the depressed personfirst of all it is useful to try to recognize the signals useful. Sense of emptiness and loss; they tend to withdraw into themselves, to blame themselves and to feel inferior; they feel they do not have a concrete goal that can act as a stimulus; suffer from a decline in sexual desire and usually no longer even carry out the daily activities to which they usually have dedicated themselves. The relationship with food also tends to change, and a sense of lack of appetite may emerge or, otherwise, we ‘vent’ ourselves on food by swallowing anything in an uncontrolled way. What to do, concretely, then, to help a person suffering from depression?

How to help someone with depression

We usually try to encourage the depressed with phrases that, although for us they may be encouraging, helpful and motivational, in reality they are of no use for their state of mind that at that moment pours into a feeling of absolute emptiness. There depressed person she feels she cannot hold on to anything and this leads her to sink into an abyss of negative thoughts that tend to completely suck her in.

The first help concrete that we can provide to those who are in this state, after recognizing the symptoms, is certainly to recommend the help of a psychotherapist in a positive way. Even today this world is difficult to accept. And it still seems difficult to talk about the psychotherapist as the figure capable of guiding the depressed person on a gradual path of recovery.

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Helping a person suffering from depression (Credits: Adobe)

Underestimating his problem will only sharpen his sense of loneliness. In a situation where we try to downplay the problem, the depressed person will feel misunderstood. In that case, however, it is good try to understand what actually troubles her and if constantly thinking about that ‘problem’ is really a solution.

Opening the mind of a depressed person is not easy at all. It is difficult to eliminate that pattern of negative thoughts that crowd the broken mind of a person suffering from depression. But our closeness can be a way to make her understand first of all that she is not alone.

Get her to engaging in enjoyable activities together that keep both of you busy, by doing so, in that moment in which we dedicate ourselves to an activity that opens to a moment of tranquility, negative thoughts become lighter. Certainly, as anticipated a little while ago, the support of a psychotherapist in this field it is certainly the most appreciated.

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