WhatsApp, a new contact block function is coming: here’s how you can check it


WhatsApp is increasingly evolving. The development team is increasingly focused on giving users a new experience. In this case we are talking about a new function that concerns the contact block. Here’s how it could happen.

The virtual environment is always connected to platforms that are used practically every day. These have been good at entering the daily life of many people, almost all of them. On the other hand, the skill of the developers has been to grant more and more a new experience with the various updates.

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In this context we cannot fail to mention the well-known application Whatsapp. A messaging app that has increasingly changed its level reaching a very high status. It is no coincidence that practically all users have decided to trust this application. Today, in fact, WhatsApp is used for many things: from work to entertainment and so on.

The main concession of the platform, however, is that of an instantaneous speed of operations. From communications onwards, speed is one of the main characteristics of the platform. As mentioned, the news when it comes to WhatsApp is always around the corner. In this regard, a few days ago there was a rumor that speaks of otherwise developed WhatsApp backup from the classic source. A new solution that has definitely interested users. How could a new option affecting the contact block. Let’s see how it could all happen.

WhatsApp, new way to block contacts: you can do it from notifications

The WhatsApp universe is always in motion. One new feature that may be coming soon is contact blocking. In the beta version of the platform for Android just this new feature has arrived. This feature has recently been available on the Google Play Beta Program. This allows you to block a contact quickly and easily. Everything can be done through the message notification. Solution that would save us from going to the settings, as is always the case.

With this new mode, the block function would only be visible when you receive a message from a contact we don’t know or it is not considered reliable. While if we decide to block a known or trusted contact, the road will always be the known one. This change can be useful in case of possible scams that also occur on WhatsApp.

Also, the two paths between reliable people And those not they are dictated by the fact of not mistakenly clicking on the button if we want to reply to a message from the notification. Barring problems that can always arise, this option will see the light shortly and will arrive in a short time. At the moment, however, there is no precise date on when we could see it on our devices.

It should also be noted that what has been developed goes in the direction of streamlining the block process. Some time, an update concerned the possibility of block a contact from your chat list. So that allowed us to proceed with the block without switching from the reference chat. Again, the function is especially useful for contacts that we do not know. Or with those you don’t want to chat with. In short, another development of WhatsApp that could allow many users to do everything in a few moments.

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