WhatsApp, the function everyone wanted: now you can


WhatsApp, the function everyone wanted: now you can
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A function that WhatsApp users are now clamoring for. However, today everything is possible in a few steps.

Today, WhatsApp it is undoubtedly one of the most used apps by users all over the planet. We are talking about a platform, as mentioned, among the most popular ever that lately it has started also a sort of restructuring as regards the functions to be offered to users, novelties that are very much liked to the audience of the web and beyond.

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Let’s think about speed playback of audio messages for example, or to the various functions added to the already present option to create dialogue and sharing groups. Individual reactions to messages sent, another absolute novelty. What is missing, however, according to many, in the end we talk about something what is concretely verifiable is the possibility of recording calls. Something that is actually lacking in the tide of function put in place gradually by society A goal that in fact manages the platform for some time.

WhatsApp, the function that all users are looking for: this is how it is possible to record our calls today.

What is missing, point out the millions of users who use WhatsApp every day at all hours is undoubtedly a function capable of recording calls. Thinking about it today the app offers it all, really everything, text messages, audio, sharing any content and much more. What is missing is the ability to record your own calls. No good news at the moment comes from the parent company and consequently in some way it is necessary to make up for the lack.

In the specific case you can easily draw on the Play Store, we are clearly talking about Android-branded supports, it is precisely possible to find applications that can undoubtedly do for us. For example, you can try the appRecord Calls – Cube ACR “. We are talking about what is considered the best application for that type of function in circulation, also considering the excellent reviews it brings with it. Specifically, the app allows not only to record incoming or outgoing telephone calls but also to capture VoIP conversations.

In principle therefore the app in question is capable of supporting the following without any difficulty types of calls coming from different apps:

  • telephone calls;
  • Whatsapp;
  • Facebook;
  • Hangouts;
  • Skype 7 and Lite;
  • Viber;
  • WeChat;
  • Signal;
  • Telegram 6.

Furthermore, in the event that VoIP calls do not go, most developers recommend the following scheme of indications, after having downloaded the appRecord calls – Cube ACR “ do the following:

  • from Play Store search and download Record Calls – Cube ACR by clicking on Install;
  • then in Settings you choose Accessibility and enable Cube ACR App Connector;
  • if you are asked to optimize the battery you can also ignore the message;
  • finally, choose WhatsApp to record phone calls.

In any case, it will be necessary to fix also a series of options, such as automatic recording of the call or not. In addition, it must be taken into account that recording calls is not entirely legal in all countries of the world and therefore should be first inquire well about the regulations in force in that particular country.

In short, the problem is easily overcome, recording calls from different applications and functions is possible but thanks to an app that supports the functions of other apps. Something very simple in the end it could take the customer out of the particular condition of not being able to use a specific function. The voice call, recordable through different apps. In short, waiting for WhatsApp to be decided to innovate this aspect better to focus on competition right? If the need calls, it is necessary to respond.

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