Whatsapp, the lethal risks that we don’t even know: here’s what not to do


Nowadays, taking advantage of the technological tool is something that is certainly impossible to avoid.

Beyond what they might be or not our considerations on in some cases we are absolutely forced to use certain tools in order not to risk being literally cut off also in some way from social life. For this we often accept despite not conforming to all the others with no results always convincing and above all not always free from specific risks.

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One of the most used tools in recent years, practically everywhere in the world is the Whatsapp instant messaging app. Through this simple application it is can exchange as well as text messages and voice documents, various information, video content and make calls and video calls. Practically the quintessence of communication between individuals. All relegated to our smartphone or at most to the pc in some of its possible evolutions.

Despite everything though, accustomed as we are to using the specific application with ease or not, we forget, or perhaps completely exclude certain risks. Precisely there are a number of situations which could lead to significant problems if managed in some way with a certain superficiality. Let’s go to understand, so what are we talking about specifically and to which dynamics, in this case, reference is made.

Whatsapp, the lethal risks that we don’t even know: the three things not to do absolutely

Most citizens who use Whatsapp is part of more or less private groups used to share information, discuss, or set up for the organization of particular events. In this specific case there is one detail that most of us are completely unaware of. When inviting a person to join a group, they should first ask for their consent to the action they are about to take. The phone number of that same person it would risk being made public and therefore information, images and so on would be exposed without specific consent.

Same goes for photos and videos, facts should not be shared with other people without the consent of the protagonists of those particular contents. Even in that case it would actually violate the privacy of that same person. Finally, the sharing screenshots with parts of conversations with other people. Same concept, you are sharing unauthorized content by the person who is the protagonist of the same conversation. Also in this case therefore sti is blatantly violating that person’s privacy.

Small tricks that could improve how we use the specific app. We find ourselves, therefore, at this point aware of the fact that in order to use an apparently simple app free of particular complications, we should actually go to investigate what are the possible dynamics that could find us wrong. Respect for the privacy of others today is among the fundamental aspects of civil life, sharing and so on. The web and its tools too often tend to make you lose this particular detail. I’m certainly waiting for a while. In short, today we can say that we have learned a very useful lesson, for us but not only, especially for our contacts.

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