WhatsApp the nightmare is over: here’s how to read deleted messages


One of the questions most asked by users who use the well-known instant messaging application every day.

Nowadays use WhatsApp it is practically an obligation. Not having the well-known instant messaging app can literally mean being completely excluded from any form of communication practicable through the network. Exchange of text and audio messages, video content, documents of all kinds, geographic location and so much more.

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Among the novelties of recent years the advent of instant messaging apps cannot be ignored. In this case the absolute primacy, at least on the basis of what appears to be the address dictated by users, therefore by the citizens it is undoubtedly from WhatsApp. Simple to use, intuitive to the max, and able to keep in touch millions and millions of people in seconds and in the simplest way possible.

As anticipated through the app in question it is possible to share contents of all kinds, a form of total communication, certainly also guaranteed by other apps, but obviously, according to the results obtained not in the same way, the one guaranteed by WhatsApp. In addition, a new option has recently been added in terms of communication management, we are talking about the possibility of deleting messages sent to a particular user.

About that the question many users ask themselves today is about this particular option. It is possible to retrieve a message that has been deleted, which was then sent by mistake to one contact rather than another? Or maybe the son of a last-minute afterthought? The answer is yes, and today it is possible for both Apple and Android users. The recovery procedure is also quite simple.

WhatsApp the nightmare is over: here is the procedure for recovering deleted messages

To proceed with the recovery of the messagesthe deleted it will be necessary to download a new app that will proceed to recover all messages deleted in the course of our conversations. For Android users the app in question is WhatsRemoved. Once the app has been downloaded and after accepting all the requests regarding permissions and anything else, it will be possible to save all the sms sent including multimedia contents. The app in question it does not work without connection to the network.

Another very interesting app for android users is Nova Launcher. With this application it is possible to save the messages read by the user and consequently also those deleted. In the latter case, however, it will be possible to read only the first 100 characters of the message in question. Different speech for users who have an Ios operating system, users who therefore use Apple products. In this case, the app to download is dr.fone. Also in this case deleted messages can then be recovered.

The procedure in question in short, it is more than feasible. Recovering previously deleted messages is more than possible. In some cases in limited form. The last few times have been quite moving for WhatsApp and consequently for its users. The new options have often displaced the citizens themselves sometimes unconvinced of their specific use. To date, in short, the situation is undoubtedly allows you to use more and more functions.

To worry WhatsApp users in recent times other dynamics are unfortunately often very dangerous. The question of scams and scams. Messages sent through the app that can lead to identity theft or even the intended victim’s savings. Attention anyway it must always be maximum and never trust messages that are apparently senseless, or in any case unclear. The alert as anticipated must be maximum, in order not to risk really unwelcome surprises. The last times they are indeed full of noveltiesbut in the same way they do not spare surprises that are often bitter.

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