WhatsApp, the risk is now concrete: here’s how to defend yourself from intruders


The last few years have marked the definitive boom of perhaps the most famous instant messaging app in the world.

They are not counted now, those who use WhatsApp in their daily lives to keep in touch with their friends, relatives and so on. Countless functions and options always updated on the app which is practically present on every smartphone, at least in our country. For a few years then everything is gradually changing with more and more services and useful updates.

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Lately then, the merger between WhatsApp and Facebook, through the birth of the Meta company has made possible a series of important ideas that make the instant messaging app a real guarantee to always remain connected with the outside world. To date, in fact you can send messagescontact your contacts with both audio and video calls, share audio and video contributions, forward files of all kinds, share contacts of your own address book and geographical location.

In short, all through a convenient and simple application. In short, today more than ever the reality of the facts leads us to think that the future from this point of view can be as rosy as possible. Recent insider information in fact, the company speak of a possible merger between the apps controlled by Meta. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram all in one in short. Along with the evolution of the app itself, however, users continue to worry about the issue of security.

In short, the risk is linked as well as anticipated to security, the possibility that somehow what passes within the same app can be intercepted without too much effort by other people. Security is now the concern of citizens, rightly one would say. More and more often, in fact, this kind of app is transformed unknowingly in the perfect scenario to set up real scams favored precisely by the type of context itself.

WhatsApp, the risk is now real: this is what could happen to us every day

In short, in our days security has become an absolutely fundamental variant to continue to safely use the apps that accompany us every day. We realize more and more oftenreading the news and not just how difficult it can be to remain calm considering the enormous risks that face the same users every day. We talked about scams and scams of all kinds, of course, but that’s not all, unfortunately. In fact, the various functions enabled in recent times risk making us find ourselves in absolutely unpleasant situations.

The ability to link your account to four different devices at a time, but using only one smartphone can create problems that are not exactly irrelevant in the long run. Let’s consider for example the possibility of connecting to WhatsApp through your pc. The concrete presence of one’s own conversations on display there, so to speak, available to those who may come to ours by chance or not. personal computer.

An unnecessary risk from run. If we then consider that in this way you would have free access to what in any case are to be considered private conversations. At that puto understand if someone has accessed our app directly from the computer, because maybe we have not logged out, it should be very easy. Just go and look at the last access from the settings of the app on the pc. To check in short, that someone has not had “contacts” with our application.

To avoid this you could go as recommended by all industry experts to two-step authentication. The level of security in this case would increase considerably. The necessary step to activate this security measure is as follows: -> Account -> Two-Step Verification-> Activate. Complete everything by entering your personal email and then save. With this operation it will therefore be can log into our account freely even from the pc. Better to take precautions, always and in any case.

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