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Whatsapp, over the years, has introduced numerous changes and updates, but many still do not know all the features of the app.

Today, we talk, in particular, about the possibility of accessing some features by pressing and holding the icon of the famous instant messaging app. Here’s what happens.

Maybe, sometimes, we don’t realize how much the instant messaging app has profoundly changed daily communication. Not only. Over the years, in fact, the numerous updates and changes made to the app have made Whatsapp also indispensable in other areas, such as professional and work.

A change that has undergone – but this has also happened with other apps, inevitably – an acceleration in the last two years. We were therefore talking about the changes that the Meta company – owned by Mark Zuckerberg who bought the app years ago – have significantly changed the face and functionality of the original Whatsapp design.

Let’s think for example of the possibility of sending, and then speeding up, the vowels, or the creation of WhatsApp Web and much more. Although, as mentioned, WhatsApp is the most famous and used app in the world, there are still several little-known features.

The WhatsApp icon and its secrets

As mentioned, not everyone is aware of different features, although it is necessary to clarify that everyone can update – when updates are expected – the WhatsApp app from their store. But also that there are substantial differences between Android and IoS systems. For example, how can we access a faster menu than the traditional one on the popular messaging app?

Let’s start by saying that the app, necessarily, must be placed on the Home screen of our mobile phone. This is because, only in this way, it will be possible to access a faster menu. So, once you find the app on the screen you will need to hold down the WhatsApp icon for at least two seconds, although on some Android devices one will suffice. What happens? We will notice options that, as a rule, remain well hidden. Recall that this result is different between Android and IoS.

WhatsApp - - ​​Source: Web
WhatsApp – – ​​Source: Web

Quick menus

In the upper part of the menu, which will appear on the screen after a long press on the icon Whatsapp, we will see the common options offered by the instant messaging app. This menu can be removed, or modified to our liking. Sharing is also possible for IoS contacts. Immediately after, however, the actual app menu will appear.

For Android devices, it will be possible to quickly access the cameras and, immediately after, the possibility of seeing the four contacts, and the related chats, with which we have been chatting lately. On the IoS systems, however, we will have the possibility to access a QR code, with which, for example, we can be added – and vice versa – by someone on WhatsApp. Furthermore, it will be possible from this menu to start the camera, a new chat, or search among the already existing chats.

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