WhatsApp: Zuckerberg announces migration


WhatsApp: Zuckerberg announces migration
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Like birds, data also migrates. Or, at least, they try and sometimes fail because of the end-to-end encryption. The key tool for the security of our data, in fact, is a big obstacle when our data has to be moved from one device to another especially if, as in the case of chats Whatsappthe encryption key is stored on the phone.

Mark Zuckerberghowever, from his Facebook account he lets us know that the situation is about to improve: the data migration and WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS, i.e. iPhone. Later, but it is not yet known exactly when, that will also arrive from iPhone to Android: at the moment there is only a kind of draft function. Of data migration from / to Android / iOS we have been talking for a long time, with a first announcement on the matter already in January of this year. Now Zuckerberg states: “We are adding to WhatsApp the ability to securely switch between phones and transfer chats, history, photos, videos and voicemails from Android to iPhone, while maintaining end-to-end encryption. It is one of the most requested functions“. But where are we, really?

WhatsApp: from Android to iOS

There migration from Android to iOS is easier than the reverse because, unlike Apple, Google allows app developers to do more things on phones (even more “delicate“).

There is currently an official WhatsApp support page where they describe themselves ways and limits of this passage. First of all, the Android phone must have at least Android 5, while the iPhone must have at least iOS 15.5. Then the app must be installed on the Android phone “Switch to iOS“from Apple.

Then they serve WhatsApp for iOS version or higher and WhatsApp for Android version and the telephone number it must be the same on the two phones.

Finally, both phones must be connected to the power supply and connected to the same WiFi network and the iPhone must be new or restored at Factory Default Settings.

Once these requirements are met, the procedure can be carried out, which consists of a mix of “maneuvers” between “Switch to iOS” And Whatsapp on the two phones, going from a QR Code. In short, it’s not exactly that easy and, we specify, does not always succeed. Also, in the passage you lose the history of calls made with WhatsApp from the Android phone.

WhatsApp: from iOS to Android

As for the passage of WhatsApp data from an iPhone to an Android phone, however, Zuckerberg he claims: “we’re adding it“. At the moment, however, there are even tighter limits compared to reverse migration.

In theory the passage from iOS to Android WhatsApp data is only possible if the phone is a Samsunga Google Pixel or ha Android 12 or higher (but ex works, not with the update). Also in this case there is an official procedure described by WhatsApp in its online help, but it doesn’t always work.

Again, then, the Android phone must be brought to the initial factory state or new, straight out of the box. The connection between the two phones cannot take place via WiFi but only via a USB-C to Lightning cable. Then it takes a lot of patience, because everything the procedure is very, very slow.


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