When Meghan asked to be paid to shake hands The background in a new book


When Meghan asked to be paid to shake hands The background in a new book
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Whims, claims, utterances and outbursts. A few days after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, a new publication written by Valentine Low, the royal correspondent of The Times, tells anecdotes about Sussex, revealed by those who worked on her staff

I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for all of this. The externalization, attributed to Meghan Markle from the new book to be released on 6 October in London by Valentine Low – Times signature on the Royals with decades of experience – destined to arouse new controversy on the role and on the fracture of the Dukes of Sussex with the royal family. The Duchess allegedly said it during one of her international tours in Australia in 2018, resulting in a huge crowd. A crowd bath that is part of the work of every exponent of the Windsors, as seen also with the repeated encounters of Charles, William and all the front-line members of the family with the crowd during the days of Elizabeth II’s funeral. Even Meghan in recent days has had to endure (without being paid for it) new moments of meeting with a large audience.

The externalization reported by the book confirms what distance there has been since the first hour between Meghan and the Windsors, and how much the fracture was also a cultural rift between an actress born in the USA and used to monetize its presenceand a royal family well anchored in the old world where The queen has to be seen to be believed. In short, in the crowd there is a question of the survival of the Crown, not of remuneration.

The book Courtiers: the hidden power behind the Crown by Valentine Low, destined to spark much debate, also investigates behind the scenes of the failure to reconcile between William and his brother Harry. William would have immediately tried to run for cover, even before the Megxit in January 2020. By offering away whattsup to his younger brother a two-party clarifier meeting. But Harry fearing that he would be made known by Prince William’s staff preferred to decline.

Refusal that is coupled with the recent refusal that came out only two days ago of sit at the table with King Charles III
, his father. Carlo has in fact invited Harry to dinner at Birkhall in his Scottish estate, with William, after months away. But Harry said no, annoyed that Meghan had instead been kept away from Balmoral by the queen’s bedside.

The Duchess’s relationship with the palace staff has had many thorns: The Times has already revealed that former Sussex communications chief Jason Knauf has accused them of bullying. And the queen would have in fact instructed a private company to conduct an investigation into the allegations.

Now Low’s book adds anecdotes that better dig up the Sussex relationship not only with the Windsors but with the Royal Household: as when in 2017, even before the wedding, Meghan would have said to a collaborator of Harry: I think we both know that I will be one of your bosses now.

Many anecdotes revealed, evidently, by former staff members who worked with the Sussexes. Meghan had already been accused several times of moral harassment against her collaborators, in the months before Megxit, her relationship with press officers, private secretaries and her collaborators was marked by sensational and sudden defections. A difficult relationship, in short, the relationship between Sussex and her staff. So difficult that he was once forced to intervene by his own brother, Prince William, because Meghan had openly criticized the work of a co-worker in front of her colleagues. Another case? That of a collaborator, who went out for dinner on a Friday evening, who calls recipes every ten minutes from the Duchess, dissatisfied with something that had happened. You couldn’t escape it. There were no lines or limits, his call was the last thing in the evening, the first thing in the morning, reports Low’s book.

Another episode already known but reworked in more detail in Low’s book what concerns the tiara that Meghan should have worn on the wedding day: as royal tradition dictates, the Duchess of Sussex would have chosen one of the family tiaras, as she had done with Kate Middleton seven years earlier. And Meghan would have chosen the diamond tiara of the former Queen Mary (wife of George V). Without imagining that the queen had to be consulted on the matter.

Not only that, Meghan decided to take her hairdresser to Buckingham Palace to try on the tiara, and Angela Kelly, the Queen’s trusty personal assistant, who personally took care of her jewelry was not available. A rant ensued from Harry, convinced that Angela Kelly was rowing against: Nothing could dissuade him from thinking that some, in the old guard of the Palace, simply did not like Meghan and that they would stop at nothing to make life difficult. an entry in the book. Another source says: Meghan asked for access to the tiara. He did not make an appointment with Angela but said, “We are at Buckingham Palace. We want the tiara. Can we have it now, please? ” And Angela actually replied, “I’m really sorry, but that’s not how it works. There is a protocol for these jewels. They are kept under lock and key with great care. You can’t just go out and say you want the tiara just because your hairdresser comes into town. ” It is clear that the royal jewels follow a protocol, was it possible that the Duchess had not been informed?

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