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Why I chose the Tesla Model Y – Vaielettrico
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Why I chose the Tesla Model Y and not VW, Audi… Gianluca, a Lombard reader tells us about the transition to electric, after having had petrol and diesel cars. Anyone wishing to tell his experience can write to

from Gianluca Mondinelli

“Hor 40 years old, I live in a country on the Iseo lake and I would like to share with you my experience regarding the passage and use of the electric car. Hoping it will be useful to someone still undecided on the choice to take“.

why I chose the Tesla Model Y
A Volkswagen Tiguan diesel, the last car owned before Tesla.

Why I chose the Tesla Model Y / I came from diesel …

Having had both petrol and diesel cars and, with a view to changing mine Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 tdi 4 motion DSG, I decided to consider an electric car. I was also intrigued by this type of power supply. I assume that I am quite passionate about technology. And, for me, this type of propulsion represents today the quintessence of technological development in the automotive sector. If I only look at 10/15 years ago, I would never have seriously thought of being able to drive a battery-powered car! I started with the idea of ​​not precluding myself from any model that obviously fell within my budget and met my personal tastes. Provided you do not sacrifice habitability, as I have a wife and a small child, have theall-wheel drive and, why not, also a pinch of sportiness!“.

why I chose the Tesla Model YHere are the alternatives I evaluated and what made me decide

The cars I evaluated were therefore:

  • Volkswagen ID4 GTX
  • Audi Q4 e-tron
  • Volvo C40
  • Tesla Model Y

Excluding the C40 which, although beautiful, was too small for me, especially for the mignon boot. Try the others, I am in love with Tesla as soon as I saw it up close and, even moreafter the test drive. Line, interior and construction philosophy much appreciated by me, very good load capacity and above all performance combined with unique energy efficiency. In addition, which is of no small importance, I can count on Supercharger network, that for charging speed and prices they are second to none. I must say that this last option in addition to the competitors was decisive in the choice: it gave me particular peace of mind being a neophyte of the electric.

why I chose the Tesla Model Y
Gianluca’s Tesla charging in a station on the AutoBrennero.

Stops to recharge? Short and with the little one …

I do 80 km a day for work, divided into journeys of 20 km each. I live in the mountains (about 9 km of ascent) and I have the possibility to always recharge the car at home with dedicated 6.6 kW system available. I therefore have no “refueling” problems for daily commuting and weekend trips. While on long journeys, also given the high autonomy of the vehicle, I have no problem finding a Supercharger that can satisfy the thirst for miles. We are a family who like to travel, but even with the thermal car we have always had as a maximum range of about 500 km. TOOtherwise we prefer train or plane for longer journeys. In this way all the destinations most congenial to us, such as holidays in South Tyrolrather than in Tuscany, Liguria or Adriatic coast, can be reached with a maximum of a short stop to recharge, no more than half an hour. Stop that we would have done anyway, given the needs with the little one, so even in this respect … nothing has changed!.

because I bought the Tesla Model Y
INTERIOR SPACE, one of the reasons for the choice (photo:

Why I chose the Tesla Model Y: I go out and reload downhill …

Before the arrival of Model Y I prepared myself with applications such as ABRP (A Better Route Planner) in hypothesizing how I could deal with the various trips we organized. And, through applications Next Charge And BeCharge, I began to become familiar with the locations of the various columns scattered in the areas we most frequent. Or, anyway, I’m used to looking for one in case of need! I must say that, after a few weeks, planning a trip or a refueling point becomes child’s play, chow to find a distributor! Once the car was delivered, it took me very little to get used to the new driving mode, the so-called One pedal drive. ORtrue… I only touch the brake pedal in an emergency, because braking regenerative it is really nice consistent. So much so that in the downhill stretch starting from home I recharge the battery for about 3-4%, which allows me to walk the remaining 10 km to get to work for free.


Driving is less stressful, but if you step on the accelerator …

S.On the consumption front I am therefore very satisfied. Taking the climb that takes me to my home twice a day, I have an average of 150 Watt / km, driven by a good family man … A really good result I would say, indeed, to be honest I thought the car consumed more precisely because of the climb, but it never goes beyond 6% battery degradation. This consumption is intended in the warm months, always with the air conditioning on; we will see how it goes in the winter, but I am confident in the optimization of the Tesla. I never drive on the highway, except for holidays, but only state and urban roads. Traveling by electric also, I believe greatly reduces the stress behind the wheel. The absence of noise and vibrations of the engine, of jerks or jolts due to the gear change, makes driving, as well as the sensations that are felt by passenger, as the British would say, more “smooth”. That is, smoother, more linear and softer. But as soon as you step on the accelerator, the torque is immediately available to you literally glue to the seat“.

Why I chose the Tesla Model Y: I had the right conditions, if not …

Let’s say that it is a safety in case of overtaking or when you have to disengage from a complicated situation. As for the destinations (always in Italy) of travel, now almost all the hotels taken into consideration by us have a charging column. And it is often a service free made available to customers. However, I always reserve the right to check before leaving. Moreover, on highways such as the Brenner or the Cisa (quite popular with us), there are already some facilities to recharge at the Autogrill and for free. In any case, just outside the motorway exits there is almost always the possibility of being able to recharge (at least here in the North). It is true that if I did not have the availability of the domestic socket, I would not have had columns adjacent to the house available and I had traveled many km on the motorway, I would not have chosen electric.

IN CONCLUSION.I am very happy with the choice made. I realized that the various fears I had were the result of a mindset derived from ingrained habits always. Rather than from real technical, mental and organizational impediments. I believe these habits can soon be changed if you have them available dedicated infrastructures And mental elasticity in order to understand this change. B.a guide to everyone!“.

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