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The wi-fi connection at home doesn’t work and you don’t know what the problem is? Follow these methods to find out the source of the connection problem and how to fix them.

After a long day at work, you just want to throw yourself on the couch and keep watching your favorite TV series. Follow the new episodes and at the highlight of the season the connection goes away, how nervous!

If you have this problem often, it means that your wi-fi connection is not working as it should. This problem could be caused by various factors, often very trivial. Often, solving the problem does not require special technical skills. Usually enough change any settings on your smartphone or computer to restore the internet connection.

The first things to do are: Restart the phone; Check that you have not accidentally disabled the wifi. If the internet problem persistsyou can follow ours checklist of checks to do for wifi connection problems.

Wrong Router Configuration

The first step in getting to the solution quickly is hardware related. Have you recently bought a new router, pc, smartphone or wifi amplifier? In this case the problem could be caused by incorrect device configuration.

If you have purchased a new router or if you have recently activated a new internet offer following a change of operator, this could be the cause of the problem. The first consideration is related to the router: are you sure you have purchased the right device?

wi-fi router on the home cabinet with man trying to set it up in the background

You have decided to take advantage of the AGCOM resolution on the free modem and you have activated ainternet offer without modem in order to use one that best suits your needs, you may have purchased or connected to the network a simple modem and not a router.

Although often used interchangeably, modems and routers actually indicate devices with different functions:

  • the modem has the task of decoding the internet signal;
  • the router it is the tool that actually creates the home network and it’s responsible for the wifi connection of the different devices.

On the contrary, you bought the right device and the problem could simply be related to its configuration. In this case, search the configuration parameters provided by your internet provider in case you have decided to use a compatible modem e follow the directions provided.

Have you configured your PC and Smartphone well?

If the wifi is connected and active on the modem / router but you are unable to browse from a pc and smartphone, the problem could be incorrect configuration of these devicesas in some cases in which the error messages Mobile Network Not Available or not registered on the network appear on the smartphone display.

It is much more likely to happen, for example, if you have decided to change the SDN server not in the router but directly in the device you use to connect to the internet. Or if you have switched to a mobile operator like Iliad and you had the need to configure the internet on your mobile.

In these cases it can generally be resolved checking the correct configuration of your smartphone or at most by restoring the previous settings in case you have recently updated the operating system and / or installed some new app.

The PC does not detect Wifi networks

It may happen that the internet connection problem occurs only with one device. The classic case is manifested by the possibility of surfing the internet from the smartphone and not from the PC. It can also happen suddenly without any apparent cause: The PC no longer detects wifi networks despite the fact that the button is on and no new software has been installed that may have caused interference.

In these cases the problem is generally tied to the network card. You can check the availability of new drivers but if you are unable to resolve even in this way the cause could be hardware damage. You can do a test with wi-fi keysbut usually the only solution in this case is bring the pc to assistance.

It just doesn’t work in some rooms

Sometimes the problem does not manifest itself throughout the house but only in some areas where the connection is often absent. The cause in these cases can be linked to the difficulty of the wireless signal to reach all areas of the house. Often this occurs in houses with several floors or with many rooms. The walls, especially if in reinforced concrete, tend to block the wireless signal of the router, as happens with mirrors. For example, if DAZN doesn’t work and you can’t see the games, you can do this type of verification.

Solving the problem is not particularly complex but it can involve costs. You can try to improve the situation, for example, simply changing location to the router or, if it is equipped with removable external antennas, buying more powerful ones. Alternatively, you can purchase a wifi amplifierthe device that has the task of expanding the wireless signal to areas of the house that do not have it.

When the cause of the problem is this, it usually occurs with every device used to connect to the Internet in the room not being reached by the wireless network. Another possible symptom is extremely slow browsing speed. Have one stronger internet connection in these cases it can further contribute to improving the situation.

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