Wild pregnant Rome, the former Francesco Chiofalo speaks: “He wished me death several times …”


Wild pregnant Rome, the former Francesco Chiofalo speaks: “He wished me death several times …”
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Chiofalo comments on the happy event of Selvaggia Roma, his former girlfriend with whom he participated in the fifth edition of Temptation Island.

After theannouncement of Selvaggia Roma in sweet expectationher ex’s comment arrived Francesco Chiofalo with which the Roman influencer participated in the fifth edition of Tempation Island.

Wild pregnant Rome, the former Francesco Chiofalo speaks: “He wished me death several times …”

The two became known to the general public following the participation of the reality of the temptations in which they participated to test their relationship which lived on some problems and jealousies on the part of both. Although they chose to leave their respective resorts together, after which month, the breakup occurred after more than five years of relationship. Later they had other stories and, after the decision to separate, the relationship between them was not entirely peaceful.

Some minutes ago, Chiofalo, pressed with questions on the pregnancy of the ex-girlfriend, he has declared:

More people are texting me tons of messages about my ex Selvaggia being pregnant. It goes without saying that in short, regardless of everything, I am always happy when a life is born: children are a gift from God so obviously I am happy. This in principle. Then it is certain that Selvaggia is a person who, when I had the tumor and I was very very ill and I had to undergo a very delicate operation, she went around talking about each one in order to make people talk about her: that I deserved that disease. She also hinted several times that if I didn’t get out of bed and didn’t go through the surgery, she wouldn’t mind.

Lentil” has also told some background on their relationship, talking about the participation of Rome in the Big Brother Vip:

“Plus she pretended to be an orphan at Big Brother Vip, exploiting such a delicate subject to get the public on his side. To pity people, while then she was never an orphan. Her father lived a ten-minute drive from her and saw him until a few months before entering the house Gf. So he invented practically everything, exploiting being an orphan which is a very very delicate subject and so many people have suffered. And it is ethically incorrect. “

Finally, the former face of Temptation Island who is happily engaged today with Drusilla Gucci, wanted to wish maximum happiness to Wild:

“But the thing that bothered me most of all is that she practically wished me death several times publicly when I was very, very bad. And that in my opinion denotes a great evil. Especially if you wish death to a person who is really bad that you shared so many years of your life with. But that’s okay anyway. I’m not a grudge person so I wish her all the best in the world. I also think she can be a good mother because basically she’s not a bad girl “She’s a girl who fills her heart with hate, but she’s not bad. Basically she’s a good girl, so she’ll probably be a good mother too.”

I wish you all the best in the world – he concluded – So Selvaggia many best wishes for this new birth. “

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