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Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2022 |  All announcements and trailers – SpazioGames
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After the actual Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase conference, which we gave you an account in our full recap, it’s time to take a closer look at the games featured in the new Xbox products. So here we are at the appointment with Xbox Games Showcase Extendedthe approximately 95-minute lecture that will take a closer look at the titles we saw on stage on Sunday.

It is a new appointment for this Summer Game Fest, which will start at 19.00 Italian of 14 June. As usual, we will follow the event live (also on Twitch) and in this article we will post updates in real timewith the live blogging of the conference.

We therefore recommend that you refresh this page of your browser, to see the news and the various videos appear.

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Xbox Games Showcase Extended

19.00 – Xbox Games Showcase Extended Conference officially begins.

19.03 – The show begins immediately with a trailer recap of all the major games unveiled during Xbox + Bethesda Showcase 2022, which reminds us of all the games coming for the next 12 months on Xbox consoles.

All the titles revealed in the trailer will be released in 2022 and early 2023.

19.05 – After a short interview with Phil Spencer, who said he was proud to have shown a lot of gameplay, there is room for a new surprise trailer dedicated to the first unreleased game not revealed in the previous conference.

It is about Valheimthe Viking survival phenomenon that has conquered gamers on PC, now also arriving on consoles and cloud gaming.

The unreleased trailer reveals that the title will also be available on Xbox during the spring 2023also available on Xbox Game Pass at launch. On PC Game Pass instead it will be available starting from end of 2022launch window in which it will also be available on the Microsoft Store.

19.22 – A long interview with Bethesda’s Pete Hines reveals some additional details about Starfield And Redfall, the highly anticipated new exclusives coming to Xbox. We don’t have much insight into Starfieldunderstandably given that it stole all the final minutes of the last conference, but it has been confirmed that it will be a title that will strongly focus on users’ choices.

We also know that the sci-fi RPG will follow suit Oblivion And Skyrimbeing defined as a large sandbox in which players will be free to play the way they prefer: follow the story, join factions, focus only on improving their spaceship and much more.

An example of the choices is given to us by commenting on the spaceship, for which the components will not be cheap and the players will have to decide which operations to perform in order to expand it.

As for instead Redfallaccording to Hines it will be a unique experience different from all the others and it will not be mandatory to play it in multiplayer: Arkane Austin is in fact working hard to guarantee the right single player experience, just like in the saga of Dishonored.

There is also room to remind you that additional content is on the way for The Elder Scrolls Online and to celebrate the saga of Fallout with new content coming to Fallout 76multiplayer titles for which the support of communities and development teams was essential.

19.27 – A short interview with the developers of Naraka Bladepoint reminds us that NetEase’s battle royale will be released on Xbox Series X | S on June 23, available from launch on Xbox Game Pass.

The arrival of the popular battle royale was possible thanks to a collaboration with Microsoft itself: a new video also showed users how the gameplay will work in detail.

On the occasion of the launch on Xbox Game Pass, a new usable weapon will be introduced: the Twin Blades, included since launch on consoles. In addition, the first chapter of the brand new campaign mode will arrive, one of the most popular requests from players.

At the moment the title is only expected on next-gen consoles, but the developers have promised that an Xbox One version is currently in development.

19.32 – It’s time for a new short interview, this time with Oxide Games, the authors of the new strategic IP ARA History Untold.

The title will be made with a new proprietary engine and the authors admitted that they spent most of their efforts in making sure that the choices of the players really reflected on the game world.

We are also reminded that by connecting to their official page we will be able to subscribe to the Insider program to try it out this summer.

19.36 – Obsidian Entertainment celebrates the imminent arrival of version 1.0 of Groundedthe survival that is about to leave the early access phase after almost two years of development.

The title was developed with an extremely small team and Obsidian admits that the support and feedback from the players was fundamental to perfecting the adventure: the developers can’t wait for users to return to play it to discover all the news and bosses from face, one of which will be a dangerous praying mantis.

The full game will be available in September 2022, available of course also on Xbox Game Pass.

7.42 pm – There is room to elaborate on some additional details on the new updates of Microsoft Flight Simulator: A surprise visit to the National Air and Space Museum confirms that the Redmond house and the Redmond house have collaborated together on the famous simulator to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the saga.

It is therefore an opportunity to see some of the most iconic new aircraft introduced in-game on display live. We are reminded that the World Update X’s Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available as a free update, while a new aircraft will be available starting today.

There 40th Anniversary Edition will be available starting November 2022, available from launch, as always, free on Xbox Game Pass. The expansion Top Gun Maverick instead, it is already available today.

7.49 pm – After a brief celebration of the many Xbox fans who have come to Madrid to follow the event, it’s time to find out more about the inspiration that led to the creation of High On Lifethanks to the developers at Squanch Games.

The fun first-person shooter is referred to as their “dream game”: the idea was to create a crossover similar to a cross between Blade Runner and the Muppets, with talking guns and a fight against bad guys and drugs.

The goal of the developers is to introduce “dull comedy” into video games and that it can be as fun as possible for users. The title will be available in October 2022.

19.50 – Surprise announcement with The Texas Chainsaw Massacrea new multiplayer horror title from Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham inspired by the famous horror movie saga.

The title was shown with a new trailer that also reveals a launch window: at the moment the release is scheduled for 2023also available on Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, we have no further details at the moment, but the gameplay video has been revealed.

19.58 – After talking briefly about RepentObsidian’s original sixteenth-century-inspired adventure due out November 2022, it’s time to move on to another original graphic adventure coming soon.

It is about At Dusk Falls, the original comic graphic adventure that will explore very mature but familiar themes, in which it will always be necessary to make difficult choices. Based on our decisions, the game will also reveal to us in more detail what our actual values ​​will be, thus giving an even greater impact on what will be the final reached.

The title will be released on July 19as always on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

20.00 – Right after it’s time to Slime Rancher 2the sequel developed by Monomi Park that will expand further after the success of the first chapter.

The trailer shows us in detail the gameplay and the exploration of the island inhabited by slimes, not hiding that our curiosity will be rewarded by the discovery of many secrets. The preview ends with the confirmation that the title will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one during late 2022.

20.07 – After a short and fun video reminding us of the arrival of the Xbox Fanfest in Melbourne, it’s time to delve into the upcoming DLC ​​coming to Forza Horizon 5dedicated to the world of Hot Wheels cars.

Of course, the loops with the iconic orange tracks cannot be missing, but other tracks and special driving styles such as magnetic or frozen tracks will also be available. Users will also be able to create their own tracks using all the tools and dangers of Hot Wheels: the DLC will also add 10 new cars to our collection. The expansion will officially arrive on July 19.

20.08 – It’s time for a curious trailer dedicated to Fall Guyswhich reminds us how the party game battle royale is coming as free-to-play also on Xbox.

For the occasion, a crossover dedicated to Halo, Spartan Showdown, will be available, which will allow the protagonists to take on the guise of Master Chief. The event will be available from June 30th through July 4th.

20.12 – A new interview allows us to find out more details about Minecraft Legendsone of the big news announced during Xbox + Bethesda Showcase 2022.

The title was conceived for lovers of strategy: players will have to build the right defenses to repel the invaders. It will be possible to succeed in this enterprise alone or in the company of your friends, but in any case the organization will be fundamental.

There will be a narrative campaign with many new characters: the intent is to further expand the universe of Minecraft, in a similar way to what has already happened with Minecraft Dungeons. The title will be released in 2023, as always also free on Xbox Game Pass.

20.27 – After a trailer that offers us a roundup of indie productions arriving in the coming months, among which certainly the presence of Hollow Knight Silksongan interview with Sarah Bond anticipates a big news coming in the coming months.

The code name Project Moorcroft will allow creators to launch games on Xbox Game Pass specific demos for subscribers, so that they can receive feedback from users for development. Developers will not only receive valuable tips from users, but also an adequate compensation directly from Xbox: teams will be free to freely choose which clips to publish from their video games.

Sarah Bond points out that all new developers can start working at any time by downloading the appropriate developer kit from the official website and participating in the ID @ Xbox program.

Bond takes this opportunity to commend the work done by GSC Game World for STALKER 2 in wanting to celebrate one’s own culture: an effort that has taken on an even deeper impact in the light of War in Ukraine. For the occasion, a trailer was also shown showing the behind-the-scenes work of the talented Ukrainian team, highlighting the tragic consequences of the Russian invasion on their lives.

We recall in fact that the team was forced to move following the war but, unfortunately, not all team members were able to leave the country.

After this tragic report, the team decided to reveal the opening moments of STALKER 2 with a new in-game trailer. Unfortunately, however, the gameplay has not been seen in depth, but only the first cutscene of the title. Also confirmed on postponement to 2023in addition to the launch on Xbox Game Pass.

20.28 – Xbox Games Showcase Extended officially ends here.

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