Xbox Games with Gold, let’s discover the games of November 2022


Xbox Games with Gold, let’s discover the games of November 2022
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Let’s take a look at the games of November 2022 regarding the Games with Gold, which continue in the new edition restricted to only two titles.

In case anyone still finds it hard to believe that i Games with Gold had really become half of what they were before, the announcement of the free games arriving at November 2022 should confirm that Microsoft has no intention of changing its mind about what it did last month. In fact, with the removal of the games in backward compatibility, the titles downloadable by subscribers to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate become simply two, or half of the previous one. In short, everything seems to reaffirm the idea that Live Gold is now a sort of legacy of the past, carried on by tradition by the Redmond company more than with an actual desire to give a certain sense to this tier of subscription that it has. less and less sense with the passing of the years, now crushed by a disruptive Game Pass.

On the other hand, there is not even in sight the possibility that the Live Gold subscription will be permanently removed, since it is unlikely, in the current economic situation, that Microsoft intends to give up the revenue from the subscription for the online game only. , which is now a standard accepted and shared by all the other players in the videogame market on consoles. Taken between these two considerations, the oldest subscription among those on the Xbox is kept alive with minimal effort in terms of concessions from Microsoft, while also uncovering some pearls that would otherwise be difficult to recover and put in the spotlight. . Let’s see what November 2022 has in store, also remembering the Games with Gold of October 2022, of which one title is still available until the middle of the month.

Praetorians: HD Remaster

Strategic players are increasingly gaining ground on Xbox and the arrival of Praetorians: HD Remaster in free form seems to echo the announcement of Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires IV on Xbox Series X | S, demonstrating how this trend is destined to characterize the Microsoft console.

Released on consoles in 2020, the game presents the remastered and enriched version of a real-time strategy rather appreciated by fans, thanks above all to its historical setting focused on the Roman era. Amid the political machinations of an emerging Roman Empire, we must prove our worth in the battlefields of Egypt, in the fighting theaters of Gaul, and ultimately in the heart of the Empire itself, Italy, in our crusade to become Emperor. To emerge victorious, we will have to learn to combine units and exploit the weaknesses of your enemies, tells the official synopsis.

Featuring an interesting historical reconstruction of the characteristics and battle tactics of the Roman army, Praetorians: HD Remaster also features a rather engaging story, depicting the classic underdog revenge with brilliant strategic skills that is found, against every prediction, to rise to power in a period of expansion and social upheaval in Rome. The HD Remaster, as the title says, first of all adapts the high definition graphics, working on an increase in resolution and details on the screen but also with an enrichment of the contents. In the game we find ourselves controlling three different armies each with their own characteristics (Romans, Roosters and Egyptians) within various campaigns, with the presence of online multiplayer as well. In short, a title dedicated above all to fans of the genre but which is easily interesting for everyone.

Dead End Job

Dead End Job, a screenshot showing an action phase

A reference to Halloween could not be missing in this release of Games with Gold, even if to tell the truth here the connection is decidedly vague. Instead of the classic horror we are then dealing with Dead End Job, a title that takes something of the horror atmosphere but transforms everything into a humorous soup that is not very scary, but rather makes fun of a lot of clichés of the genre. The Ant Workshop game is a twin-stick shooter that can be played alone but above all in cooperative multiplayer, a situation in which it probably really gives the best of itself. Featuring an overhead shot reminiscent of genre classics such as Smash TV, Dead End Job throws us into various random generation levels with a special vacuum backpack on his shoulders and a plasma gun in hand, with meant to catch ghosts and clean up areas.

Between old-fashioned action and Saturday morning cartoon atmospheres, Dead End Job lets us experience the strange adventures of Hector Plasm and his companion Ghoul-B-Gone, in a “sofa” action co-op all set on tradition. more classic than the 360-degree shooter. Among the many possible horror that could be almost taken for granted, the choice of this game by Ant Workshop, ironic and humorous, is certainly original. It is not really a memorable title but aims to offer immediate gameplay and possibly in offline multiplayer, or a guarantee of fun, in every situation.

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