Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Stray are the most anticipated games of July 2022


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Stray are the most anticipated games of July 2022
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Two somewhat different choices emerge in the election of the most anticipated game of July, but both Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Stray are at the top.

We enter the height of summer with the election of most anticipated games of July 2022which in this case led to a twofold somewhat different result in terms of taste: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 And Stray are the winners, respectively, of the poll released to readers and of the one inside the editorial staff.

It is a July that does not offer many new features, but the few planned are definitely significant and interesting: we find ourselves in a good assortment of indies but also one of those releases of absolute importance that represent focal elements in the course of the whole year. In this case, we are obviously talking about Xenoblade Chronicles 3, destined to represent one of the most important titles for Nintendo Switch and for the videogame market in general, in 2022.

It is also rather strange that Nintendo has decided to place the game in a month usually poor in high-weight releases, however, anticipating its release date compared to the one initially expected, in a truly unique situation that is rare in the current video game market. This is also an indication of the extreme health enjoyed by Nintendo Switch and its lineup, with the Kyoto house that finds itself anticipating one of the major releases of the year also to make room for other games to come later. In any case, despite being a month usually dedicated to holidays, there will certainly be something to play in this July 2022, and the various preferences expressed demonstrate the truth of the atmospheres and genres with which we will have to deal.

The most awaited by the editorial staff

Stray, an image from the game

The internal vote to the editorial board sparked a fierce head-to-head between the two generally most anticipated games of the month which then came first and second with a minimal gap, but the most anticipated game of July 2022 ultimately turned out to be Stray. A promising new indie produced by the forge of ideas that is Annapurna Interactive, the game by BlueTwelve Studio is a strange adventure focused on a cat, who must find his way home inside a hostile cyberpunk city inhabited by androids. The search for him leads him to explore extremely different environments and to deal with strange NPCs and various situations, between action and adventure, to the discovery of an “ancient mystery”. It has captured everyone’s attention since the first presentation, now it’s time for the proof of the facts, but it certainly emerges as one of the most anticipated titles of this summer.

The runner-up, at a minimum distance, is obviously Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which is confirmed to be one of the most anticipated games ever this year, being the sequel to a series that has now become famous. For the occasion, Monolith seems to have gone even further, presenting a wide-ranging story and a decidedly varied cast. In third position there is another of the most interesting indie titles of this summer, namely As Dusk Falls: the first work of Interior / Night, a team also composed of various ex-Quantic Dream, is a narrative adventure based on choices. and crossroads, which can lead to major variations in the story and multiple endings in a real “interactive drama”. Off the podium, but at a considerable distance from the first three, we finally find Live a Live, a new version of the homonymous Japanese RPG originally released on Super Famicom, redone with “2D-HD” graphics.

The most awaited by readers

The poll released to the readers, from which it emerged, however, that the most anticipated game of July 2022 is Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The Monolith series obviously counts on a large number of fans among the users of the site, so the result does not really come as a surprise, besides being of its one of the most anticipated games of this year. In addition to presenting the usual and fascinating open environments, now a classic feature of the series, the third chapter also stands out for the presence of a rich cast of 6 characters who seem to be all very thorough throughout the story. Persecuted as “monsters” by the nations they come from because of their special abilities, they give life to a sort of choral and wide-ranging tale. Among the most interesting innovations of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 there is also a new combat system that uses the Ouroboros ability, a sort of transformation capable of making the boys extremely threatening war entities.

In second position, a short distance from the first classified, we find Stray, which is therefore confirmed as one of the most anticipated games also by the readers of the site. The particular game of the cyberpunk cat has come very close to the first position, which demonstrates the expectations placed in this strange title that seems to have fascinated everyone in recent months, thanks to its atmosphere and the indisputable charisma of the protagonist. In third position, after a good 20% went to the “none” choice, he then placed As Dusk Falls, substantially confirming the podium also seen in the editorial vote even if with the first two positions reversed. These are therefore the three most anticipated titles of July 2022 both for the editorial staff and for the readers, to demonstrate a certain unity of expectations regarding the games coming out in the next month.

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