“Yet another victim”, now it is the turn of Barbara D’Urso, violently hit


Barbara D’Urso was attacked by her and this time it is really heavy, she does it through social channels following a direct confrontation that took place in Afternoon 5.

As we know, one of the main salons of Mediaset, besides Verissimo conducted by Silvia Toffanin is also Afternoon 5 which sees Barbara D’Urso runNeapolitan actress and presenter who for some years has been one of the queens of Mediaset.

In his program he discusses many current affairs, from news to politics, but above all he focuses on issues of custom and comments on the top programs of the network. For example Big Brother and Island of the Famous, the two most important reality shows.

Who is Dvora Ancona, who harshly criticized Barbara D’Urso? The woman is a doctor who specializes in cosmetic surgery. But what does a cosmetic surgeon have to do with Barbara D’Urso? The subject of the discussion is the reality show set in Hondursa, The Island of the Famous where it seems that the contestants can take advantage of cosmetic surgery tweaks. Here is the declaration of Ancona that she would reveal this little secret behind the scenes of the program.

Ancona against D’Urso

Of course, since this is a strong statement, Barbara D’Urso immediately invited the doctor into her program to discuss the issue but the discussion took a bad turn and the woman at one point turned badly to the presenter who asked her to confront another doctor on the matter.

The man in question is Dr. Lorenzetti, but Ancona did not want to talk to him, stating that he did not want to fight just to increase the share of the program.

The woman at the moment, on the broadcast, did not add anything else but then continued her criticism on instagram: “Does your patience have a limit? It’s mine? Look at her expression as I explain Botox, but because she doesn’t want to know anything, why do you think you are so prepared. I was there to try to explain, but no, just to make me fight ”.

The criticism is aimed at Barbara D’Urso and the accusation against the presenter is that the latter would not really be interested in the matter but its purpose was only to start a discussion between the two guests.

The doctor’s outburst continues in these terms: “Of course I have a degree in surgery and medicine as well as specializing in aesthetics, moreover the other day I was specializing in a world-class Congress. What happens next? Instead, I arrive and complete strangers who are incapable or otherwise unprepared in their trade do they have to come and tell me that I am wrong and what do they want to do?

Simply confront myself with another doctor, who has another profession, e they wanted to make me fight. But does this seem normal to you? I got tired of going on a show to make people laugh because Barbarina has decided that here the poor thing will be yet another victim that it will fall into her hands, because you have to shut up with her, shut up, shut up, she has done nothing but repeat it. Has D’Urso lost patience? Me too, why don’t you invite me on television to try and lie ”.

Ancona’s words were very harsh and certainly clear regarding his thoughts on some television attitudes.

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