“You are too young for mammography.” Now she has stage four cancer


“You are too young for mammography.”  Now she has stage four cancer
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In 2018, the doctors she referred to told her she was too young to have a mammogram, despite having a lump in her breast. She now she has a cancer at the fourth stage. This is the tragic adventure that happened to Philecia La’Bounty, model and now very popular on her profile Tik Tok, followed by over 40 thousand followers. As told by Il Messaggero, the woman, after hearing a lump in her breast, had decided to be examined, but the doctors she had referred to had assured her that there was nothing to worry about since, in their opinion, she it could only deal with a benign lump.

His battle on Tik Tok

The doctors had also refused to subject her to one mammography because it was considered useless given its young age. After 8 months and several medical visits, the girl discovered that she had stage 4 breast cancer. The cancer had in fact spread to other areas of the body, and in particular to the lungs, lymph nodes and breastbone. She immediately confessed she had thought“To death, as most people do when they hear the word cancer”, feeling disappointed and abandoned by doctors. After receiving the terrible diagnosis, the woman had to undergo a pharmacological menopause, due to the chemotherapy used to treat the tumor.

On social media, the 35-year-old confessed to feeling like an old woman every morning, with stiff joints, tired and suffering. After discovering that chemotherapy could have made her sterile, Philecia decided to freeze ten eggs. Life has changed not only for her, but also for her husband, her family, and her closest friends. “I try not to think too much about how it might have gone if the doctors had noticed earlier. This will not make the phase disappear “, he explained on Tik Tok, also because to think that he could have been dealing with a tumor in the second stage, and not the fourth, is disheartening.

What does a fourth stage tumor mean?

Generally speaking, i tumors at the first stage they are small in size, localized and usually treatable; at stage II and III they are usually only locally advanced and / or have involved nearby lymph nodes; in the fourth stage, on the other hand, inoperable or metastatic tumors are considered, ie tumors that have involved other areas of the body, even distant ones. According to studies, in the latter case, patients have only a 22% chance of surviving beyond 5 years from diagnosis. There model has chosen to use social media to reach as many people as possible, explaining to them the risks that are run without adequate prevention, the symptoms and also to give information about premature menopause. With regard to this last aspect, the girl explained: “It’s more common in young women than people expect. There is an epidemic of young women who discover they have breast cancer and as a result have been put into premature menopause, and nobody talks about it. “ The 35-year-old said she feels proud and accomplished when she receives messages from people who don’t feel alone thanks to her.

The importance of prevention

To check the breasts there is not only mammography. You can start on your own, paying attention to any changes in its size or shape and with self-examination. The shape of the breasts in fact changes over time, both during the menstrual period and with aging or pregnancy. In case there are doubts about its change, you can contact an expert. It is also important to check for any redness either secretions. If liquid leaks from the nipple without being pressed, it is best to go to the doctor for a check-up.

Swellings, here are which ones to watch out for

Particular attention should be paid to the presence of swelling or lumps, not necessarily in the breast, but also in the area under the armpits and up to the clavicle. The skin grains must also be checked: if the breast area is shaped like an orange peel it is best to get a medical examination. Even if the nipple is pulled inward or changes shape or position at any moment, it is worth booking one visit. Finally, another sign may be constant pain in the breast or armpit. Although feeling sore in the breast area is quite normal. For example, you may be more sore in the days leading up to your period. If we have any doubts, however, it is better to let us see, just to be more calm.

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