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Men and Women – – ​​Web photos

A terrible mourning for the former tronista, protagonist of the last season of Maria De Filippi’s program, Men and women. A moving message, entrusted to social networks: many fans who gathered around the former tronista of the Canale 5 broadcast.

“You went away and left a huge void inside of us”wrote the former tronista of Men and women on social media. A few days ago, a terrible mourning upset his life and that of his family members.

Men and Women - - ​​Web photos
Men and Women – – Web photos

During last season – in the first part – he was one of the most followed and discussed protagonists of Maria De Filippi’s program, Men and women. In the broadcast conceived and conducted by the Mediaset presenter on Canale 5, he held the role of tronista, but for a short time, since his adventure in the Cologno Monzese studios was short-lived due to a disqualification.

We are talking about the former tronista of the Men and Women 2021 season, Joel Milan. As viewers of the popular program broadcast every day on Canale 5 will remember, the tronista was “caught” by Maria De Filippi’s editorial staff. During a dance with a suitor he asked the latter to feel away from the cameras and on her social networks the two would have exchanged messages with the accounts of friends. Events, clearly, that violated the regulation.

The dramatic message of Joele Milan

In any case, Joele Milan – who has always apologized to Maria De Filippi and the editorial staff of Men and women for his gesture – remained in the heart of the general public. So much so that there was a lot of talk this summer about a sensational return for him, a sort of second chance, which evidently didn’t materialize. In these hours, however, there is much talk of the former tronista due to dramatic news. The ex tronista himself gave the news on social media, with these words: “Once again life teaches me that everything can change from one moment to the next. You went away and left a huge void inside us. There are no words, my little cousin: only tears. But your memories will fill my heart and give me the strength to carry on”.

In recent days, Emanuel Small, a young man just eighteen, lost his life in a motorcycle accident in Villanova di Camposampiero, in the province of Padua, in Veneto. Emanuele was Joele Milan’s cousin and the two were very close, so much so that for the former tronista he was like a younger brother. The young man, at the age of eight, had lost his mother to an incurable disease.

Men and Women Joele Milan - - ​​Web photos
Men and Women Joele Milan – – Web photos

In recent days, terrible news

In recent days, a terrible mourning has shaken the program and the large television audience: Luigi, the historic cameraman of Maria De Filippi’s program has passed away. He had been collaborating with the program for years and it was Ida Provenzano, historical editor of the programs of Maurizio Costanzo’s wife, who gave the news publicly. Many messages of condolence, including those of Gianni Sperti and Ida Platano.

Ida Provenzano wrote on social media: “It is difficult to meet people like you in life, kind, smiling, pure. […] I will always carry you in my heart I was hoping for a miracle because today’s infamous world needed a person like you! Louis”.

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