“Young people do the mess”. Hoara Borselli responds to criticism


“Young people do the mess”.  Hoara Borselli responds to criticism
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by Hoara Borselli

One thing was clear but today it is even more so. The word “sacrifice” has been completely abolished. Do not allow yourself to tell young people that the world of work can, indeed should provide for one unpaid apprenticeship because you are directly thrown into the gallows of right-thinking left-wing moralists who demand the immediate atonement of guilt.

The sacrificial victim today is meguilty of having told an experience of mine as a teenager and having allowed myself to send a message: “Guys, you always start from the bottom, today there is no hunger and sacrifice”.

This was enough to unleash the hell of hypocrisy and insults.

But it is the first one that I want to focus on since the offenses have never scandalized me. Or rather, I learned to live with it early on not so much because she is a woman but because she is right. And this we know is by definition an original sin that will never be forgiven by the intelligentsia which only sees left-wing women in the ranks of the untouchables.

So off you go the massacre, the public pillory: “Hoara encourages the exploitation of children” !; “How can you say that at fifteen instead of going to the beach she was curious to learn a trade, she went behind the counter of a bar and when she left she received an ice cream or a packet of chips instead of money?”; “A blasphemy that cannot be heard!”; “You had to expect salary, wages, reasonable wages, contributions, severance pay, holidays, sickness and maternity”; “You have been enslaved and by telling it you incite slavery”.

Bonaccini himself wrote to me: “One thing is sacrifice and humility, which always help, but if your proposal is to work for free, just because you are young, then we are really in a bad way. Crazy stuff”.

This media case of mine has forcefully brought to light all the hypocrisy of this sick system. THE right-thinking left-wing moralists they go up to the desk with their finger pointed and instead of making themselves accomplices in telling the boys that the apprenticeship is fundamental, that experience and sacrifices are the basis for entering the world of work, do they raise their voices resentful?

They are the ones responsible for this die-off that affects companies that do not find personnel.

They are the accomplices of this system that wants young people to be incapable of paying.

They are the ones who encourage them not to accept even wages of 1500 euros per month if they do not have Saturdays and Sundays off.

They tell him “don’t worry, if you don’t find the conditions you like, you can stay comfortably on the sofa that much we give you the state pocket money“.

But you are fools! Indeed, hypocrites.

You tell us that we must be free to take joints, to choose how and when to die, to have an abortion, to go to school with the navel uncovered and to do TikToks during the lessons and you are scandalized when a person declares that he wants to feel free to also work for free to learn a trade?

Are you the ones who have deprived us of any freedom for two years, who have prevented workers in their fifties from working if not vaccinated and today you are moralizing to me if I tell the kids that the mess is essential?

That experience also has a value and that it cannot all be monetized? Guys, get up from your armchairs, roll up your sleeves and do not give in to the blackmail of those who want you to be paid idiots.

Hoara Borselli, June 27, 2022

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