Your Personal Studios: the office becomes a gym for the well-being of employees


Your Personal Studios: the office becomes a gym for the well-being of employees
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Your Personal Studios is the first automated gym in Italy. Companies can thus offer training and wellness solutions to their employees by offering them a space and fitness activities with reference figures

Before the lockdown, 20 million Italians practiced one or more sports continuously according to the latest Istat Report on sports, while in the subsequent phase, post Covid, bookings for online courses offered by gyms increased by 11%. A trend that indicates a radical change on the part of Italians regarding their health and wellness habits.

Fitness, therefore, is becoming more and more personalized and tailored and it is users who decide the training times, trainers and private spaces in which to exercise. From the experience of Your Personal Traineran innovative startup founded by Valentina Righetti – who created a digital platform to simplify the meeting of specialized trainers and fitness enthusiasts and who after just one year from the foundation reached a capital increase of 180 thousand euros – arrives Your Personal Studios.

The singular and autonomous training that people have chosen during the pandemic, however, needs a reference figure who can act as a guide and stimulate the achievement of objectives calibrated to specific needs. The service also intends to be extended in the future to companies, which are changing their offices into spaces for relations and collateral activities with those of work.

When was Your Personal Trainer born and for what needs was it designed?

We started working on this project at the end of the second lockdown, in 2021, when studying the market we realized that we could no longer find personal trainers. Many people have continued to train independently, while others always with the guidance of a personal trainer, who have decided to set up on their own by emancipating themselves from gyms. Your Personal Trainer was therefore created to meet this need by putting demand in contact with the offer, the personal trainer can create his profile, reach new customers, use the online agenda … In addition to the platform, however, a place was missing. where to train customers, so we thought of creating Your Personal Studios a sort of fitness co-working, a sharing economy that allows you to pay for the room for use, which are also sustainable and automated with IOT technology. A scalable format dedicated to professionals and people’s health.

How is the relationship between the personal trainers and the platform structured?

For the moment, in this beta version, the professional signs up directly on the platform, later, with the app we are developing, he will be able to book the room, train the client and checkout after the training.

Choosing to dedicate oneself to one’s health and doing it independently has empowered people to achieve goals without the support of a specialist. But how important is it to be supported by a guide and how can this relationship also affect mental well-being?

Relying on the professional means that the training is designed specifically for the person’s profile, taking into account their state of health and preparation. In addition, the personal trainer becomes a guide and motivator, the dual relationship that is created determines a greater commitment with respect to the activity and leads people to achieve their goals with continuous discipline and rigor.

After COVID-19, offices have changed their appearance and will become more and more sharing spaces in the future. Could YPT be offered as a wellbeing service within companies and / or for smart working workers?

With a view to corporate welfare and wellbeing, one of our development lines will be dedicated to companies. To open a studio you need only 30sqm so our goal is to use the free spaces left in those offices that have chosen to place part of the staff in smart working. The company can then open the studio and the employees book the lesson with a trainer.

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