Zhang: “Pay attention to the costs but first the sporting results. Inter will be competitive with Inzaghi “


Zhang: “Pay attention to the costs but first the sporting results.  Inter will be competitive with Inzaghi “
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The words of Inter president Steven Zhang at the end of the season and in view of the future, on the pitch and beyond

Steven Zhang, president of Inter, takes the floor to take stock of the season that has ended and above all to focus on future goals. Here are the words of him from the Nerazzurri number one a Inter TV:

President, an exciting and satisfying season for Inter and for all the Nerazzurri fans has ended.

“It was a wonderful season in which we added two trophies to the showcase and we also moved forward internationally in the Champions League, qualifying for the round of 16 after a long time. At the same time, unfortunately, we didn’t manage to win the Scudetto but we fought until the last day. Congratulations to Milan of course and congratulations to all the other opponents in the league. We are very happy to have seen our fans celebrate, we are very happy for us and our fans, overall it was a historic season that we will all remember ”.

Today he met with manager Simone Inzaghi and the management to start planning next season, a sign that sharing is the key to the success of the club.

“The season has just ended but we will not stop working and we are already thinking about the next one. As a football team, our main goal is to remain competitive and fight for the most important trophies, always looking ahead and aiming for the maximum. Today’s match helped us plan for next season and try to do even better than last, always aiming for the maximum.

Let’s talk about today’s match, can we say that Inter will remain competitive also next season to continue the winning cycle that Suning has started?

“We started six years ago and finally last year we won the Scudetto and this year we added two more trophies to the showcase and this shows that we are on the right track. In recent years we have managed to improve our ranking and especially in the last three years the sum of the points is impressive. This shows that the players and staff in Eppan are heading in the right direction. At the same time we also want to thank all the employees who work in the offices, it is a team effort. The work of the employees in addition to the support of the fans has led us to achieve these results in the last six years. There are ups and downs but we believe we are on the right track. Also in the next season we will have the same motivation to go on ”.

President all highlighted his special relationship with Mister Inzaghi and the great merits of the coach.

“A few months ago I told the Coach that working with him gives me peace of mind. It is a pleasure to work with someone like him in this industry. He is a very intelligent man, an excellent coach as shown by the results, he manages to maintain a peaceful environment both in the office and in the locker room. So we will certainly go on together, I see his great involvement in the Nerazzurri world and the support of all the fans and all of us ”.

What is the best memory of the season just passed and a thought for the next one?

“As for next season we must certainly be very competitive, even more than before. The goal is always to improve ourselves, sporting results are the main objective of the Club and everything else comes as a consequence. Furthermore, being one of the most important football clubs in the world we must be sustainable at all levels, employees, management and players, taking into account the cost structure and organization, corporate culture, marketing and commercial aspects, supporting our partners and sponsors and giving joy to our fans around the world. As for the season that has just ended, the best moment was the return of the fans to the stadium: seeing them support our players, this was the most memorable moment of the season that we hope to continue living in the next one. “

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