Zurich-Juventus Women 0-2: Cernoia-Bonansea, the Champions of Montemurro start well


Zurich-Juventus Women 0-2: Cernoia-Bonansea, the Champions of Montemurro start well
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SCIAFFUSA (Switzerland) – The networks of Cernoia and Bonansea allow Juventus Women to start with a very important success in the Women’s Champions League group: it is the one who pays for it Zurich, defeated 2-0 in front of their fans at the Wefox Arena in Schaffhausen. The Juventus coach Montemurro, in the press conference on the eve, had spoken of ‘fundamental victory in a very complicated group‘(with Turin and Swiss there are in fact the reigning European champion Lyon and the fearsome Arsenal of the former Lina Hurtig): hope satisfied by the girls on the field, despite an abundant hour played against an opponent who has closed every space. The goal that breaks the balance arrives in the 71st minutethanks to the Spanish-German goalkeeper Romero, mocked under the legs, then, after the crossbar hit by Bonfantini, the doubling at minute 84, born from a amazing play by Julia Grosso.

Zurich-Juventus Women: live news

90 ‘+ 6 – IT ENDS HERE: the Juventus Women’s Champions League begins with a success.

90 ‘+ 5 – Sparks Gunnarsdottir and Pinther: both are booked.

90 ‘+ 4 – Cantore discards Romero, but does not find the opening to finish on the net.

89 ‘- Zamanian and Cantore take over Grosso and Girelli.

86 ‘- A goal at Zurich canceled: Bernauer – offside – beats Peyraud-Magnin with a head in vain.

84 & # 39; – DOUBLE OF THE JUVE: amazing play by Grosso, the defense of Zurich blocks the attempts of Gunnarsdottir and Caruso, but nothing can on Bonansea’s left-handed.

81 & # 39; – Another great personal initiative of Bonfantini: only the crossbar denies her the joy of the goal.

80 ‘- Sudden acceleration by Bonfantini, Bonansea anticipated by a whisker when pushing the ball into the net.

78 & # 39; – In Juve Bonansea takes the place of Cernoia, author of the goal that is deciding the challenge.

74 & # 39; – Bagarre in the Juventus area, Lenzini’s error and Bernauer’s right: ball out.

72 & # 39; – Immediate response from Zurich: Humm does not control and Peyraud-Magnin makes the ball his own.

71 ‘- JUVE IN ADVANTAGE: Girelli juggles in the area, ball to Cernoia, who scores 1-0 by kicking under Romero’s legs.

70 & # 39; – Romero rejects with his fists, Grosso kicks first intentionally from the edge: high ball.

67 ‘- Montemurro plays the Caruso and Bonfantini cards: Pedersen and Nildén are out.

56 ‘- Attempt by Lenzini from a very long distance: ball abundantly to the side.

49 & # 39; – Juve one step away from the advantage: cross by Cernoia, header by Pedersen and Romero diving into the corner.

46 & # 39; – Zurich-Juventus Women starts again: teams stopped at 0-0.

45 & # 39; – The first half ends on a very dangerous counterattack from Zurich, culminating in a foul on Peyraud-Magnin.

36 ‘- Cernoia flies all alone towards the goal of Zurich, but the control is wrong and the action fades. Immediate counterattack by the Swiss and Peyraud-Magnin intercepts a very insidious cross.

33 & # 39; – Beautiful side of Girelli for Nildén, the left-handed of the Swede crashes against the outside of the net.

28 ‘- Cernoia tries with the left-handed, Romero blocks without problems.

26 ‘- Juve is clamoring for a penalty kick for a handball in the Swiss area: the referee lets it go. The replay seems to agree with the Bianconeri.

20 ‘- Juve makes the game, Zurich defends compactly.

11 ‘- Immediate response from Zurich: Vetterlein tries his head, ball against the outside of the net.

10 ‘- Cross from Cernoia, Grosso heads, but the ball ends sensationally out: Juve one step away from the advantage.

8 ‘- Girelli goes with his heel on the developments of a corner: eurogol touched.

6 ‘- Wonderful double dribbling by Grosso, Cernoia – in the center of the area – does not kick and the action fades.

1 ‘- Zurich-Juventus Women began at the Wefox Arena.

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